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A trip to Chios is a trip of discovery. Wander around the picturesque countryside of Kampos and visit the medieval villages of the southern Mastiha tree region. Discover the wild beauty of north and west Chios.

The variety of remote and secluded beaches, the dramatic changes of the landscape in the north, and the well preserved architectural sites of Kampos and the Mastiha villages in the south render Chios a hidden treasure of the Aegean Sea, waiting to be discovered.

1. Mavra Volia Beach

Deep blue waters and a volcanic energy that carries you away. Swimming in Mavra Volia, the trademark beach of Chios island, is not just an unforgettable experience. It will raise your expectations from the beaches you visit in the future.



2. The Medieval Villages

When visiting Chios you cannot miss a tour of the traditional Mastiha villages in the south. The medieval villages Pyrgi, Olympoi, Mesta with the special architectural features are part of a well preserved medieval defense network, that will transport you in times past.



3. Nea Moni Monastery

A must - see in Chios, Nea Moni is an 11th century Byzantine monastery and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The important mosaics are exemplary of the Constantinople art of the time. You can enjoy the nature there and also start a tour of the medieval villages of central Chios, Anavatos and Avgonyma.

nea moni


4. Chios Mastiha

A natural product that is produced only in Chios, and specifically in the south part of the island. Don’t miss a visit to the villages of Mastiha (Mastichochoria) in the south. Get to know the locals, learn about the cultivation of the mastiha producing shrub and the experience of the harvest. Choose an agritourism programme which will offer you the opportunity to experience the mastiha culture.



5. Chios Town

Walking or cycling around Chios town allows the visitor to discover hidden corners and travel back in time. Aplotaria street (the town’s main commercial street), the waterfront or Chios Castle, are a few of the walks you can enjoy.



6. West Coast Beaches

Choosing among west coast beaches is a difficult task. At Makria Ammos, Metochi or Elinta you’ll find pine trees that reach the seaside, beaches with pebbles or sand and turquoise waters. A wild yet inviting landscape, the west coast of Chios has a lot of secrets to share with those who seek something different.



7. Cycling in Kampos

Kampos is one of the most distinctive areas in Chios. It is a unique residential complex, where the natural environment is in total harmony with the local architecture. Narrow streets between high stonewalls that protect the citrus trees gardens and the impressive mansions will offer you the experience of a unique bike ride.



8. The Rocket War

This is the main event of Easter in Chios. In Vrontados, at the north of the town, the two largest parishes, Panagia Erythiani and Agios Markos revive an old tradition. At Easter night they light hand-made rockets, signifying the victory of life over death and creating the most glorious spectacle of Greek- Orthodox Easter you have ever experienced.



9. Volissos - Tour of Amani

The medieval settlement of Volissos is the largest village of the Amani area, in the north west of Chios. Walk around the narrow alleys of the village or follow the Malagiotis river hiking trail. From Volissos you can start for the tour of Amani, in order to visit the mountain villages of north west Chios, with the strange names and the hospitable people.



10. Psara & Oinousses Island

If you seek the ideal combination of relaxation and splendour, the small islands of Chios Regional Unit, Oinousses and Psara, are the places to be. Total relaxation, magnificent beaches and a heaven for fish food lovers, there is nowhere else you would rather be.


Psara Island Oinousses Island


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