Emporio – Mavra Volia


Access by road: Yes Amenities: Cantine
Access by bus: Yes Accessible for people with special needs: No
Acess on foot: : No Beach type: Black pebbles
Lifeguard: No Natural shade: Yes
Depth: Deep Sea activities: No
Offroad: No Near restaurant: Yes

The road leading to the seaside resort of Emporios is a little before the entrance to the medieval village of Pyrgi.
Emporios is a picturesque small port, which has become famous because of the nearby seasides of Mavra Volia. At a short distance from the port, there are three successive bays with deep dark blue waters. Right behind us there are abrupt high hills. The black pebbles and wild scenery is a result of the volcanic activity of the distant past in the area. Swimming in Mavra Volia is an experience not to be missed!

Back to the port of Emporios there are a few restaurants. In the area there are also a few rooms and apartments for rent as well as a small hotel.

Another reason to visit the area is the archaeological site that was recently opened to the public. The Acropolis and Neolithic settlement of the 6th and 7th century B.C. has been open to the public after the completion of the excavations and research conducted by the Ministry of Culture. Climbing the Acropolis is worth the effort, as on reaching the top you are rewarded with a magnificent view. The Acropolis is also accessible to people with disabilities.




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