Tower of Dotia (Pyrgi)

The Tower of Dotia is situated close to Pyrgi village on the road to Vroulidia beach, in one of the most significant mastic productive areas. The scenery is extremely distinctive. In a unique manner the mastic shrubs encircle the impressive exemplary monument of military architecture of Chios’ medieval period.

The Tower was built during the general fortification of the island by the Genoese at the start of the 15th century (1410-1415). This three-level building, constructed of light grey limestone is in a state of ruin with its four walls being preserved except for the southern wall, which is partially destroyed. It is rectangular in shape with dimensions of 14.28 x 15.70 and 18m in height. It has seven battlements on the eastern and western sides and four of the southern and northern sides. The interior wall partitionings at ground level have been preserved, as have many elements of the dome structures on the first and second levels.

The Tower did not have a door at ground level for defence purposes, but a lightweight ladder at the middle level. There were openings for ventilation and embrasures at the last level. It was enclosed with four-sided walling, which has preserved the traces and foundations of one of the four battlements that were situated on each corner.

Pyrgos Dotia Hatzigeorgiou

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