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Τα Καρδάμυλα είναι το μεγαλύτερο χωριό της Βορειοανατολικής Χίου


Kardamyla is know for their long maritime tradition. It is the largest village of northeast Chios. It is built in a privileged location extending from the side of the mountain to the sea. The older village is Ano Kardamyla, at the upper zone of the village, especially the neighbourhood of Spilia, where you can see the characteristics of local architecture: cube shape two storey stone houses, in narrow arched alleys. Kato Kardamyla or Marmaro is the seaside part of the village. 

Kardamyla offer options for accommodation in small traditional ro modern hotels and appartments atn the village  or at surrounding beaches.

Don’t miss…

A visit at the church of St. Nicholas, at Marmaro, which has an impressive marble iconostasis. Admire the work of sculptor Thanassis Apartis dedicated to the Seamen of Kardamyla, a tribute to the maritime tradition and generations of mariners of Kardamyla village. Take photos at the picturesque traditional windmills at the promenade, a landmark of the village.

At Ano Kardamyla enjoy coffee or local dishes at the stone square with the plane trees. Go swimming at the popular beaches of Nagos and Giosonas.

Το λιμάνι της γραφικής Λαγκάδας


Lagada is another village with long maritime tradition, also known for the high quality fish restaurants. It is a perfect combination of mountain and sea, as the pine tree forests that surround it reach the seaside. The bay of lagada is a natural port with a view to Oinousses. There is a daily connection to Oinousses, which you can visit from Lagada by the sea taxi. Lagada is a great choice for a day out, eating out and enjoy a coffee by the sea. It is also a favourite destination for sailors.

Don’t miss…

Enjoy seafood and traditional tapas at the promenade restaurants and taverns of the village.

Walk at the promenade up to Glyfos.

Have a picnic at the pineforest of Karydas, that reaches the sea.

Το γραφικό ψαραχώρι Παντουκιός

Sykiada - Pantοukios

Sykiada village is built on a hill not very far from the sea. Together with Kardamyla, Lagada and Vrontados, it belongs to the maritime villages of Chios, as the majority of the people work in the merchant navy. The church village is dedicated to the Virgin and celebrates on September 8th. Pantoukios is the seaport of Sykiada, a tiny settlement with few houses, which are mainly summer houses. It has a picturesque fish port, a small beach, cafe and lovely seafood restaurant.

Don’t miss…

A visit to Sykiada or Pantoukios for eating out is always a good idea, if you like seafood and traditional authentic hospitality. At Pantoukios you can enjoy your dinner under the stars with a view to the small port.

Visit the chapel of St. Isidoros, one of the most characteristic landmarks of Chios island, as well as the nearby beach.

Καμπιά - Βίκι - Αμάδες

Kampia - Viki - Amades

The wild nature of Pelinnaio Mountain is breathtaking and we can enjoy it all year round, by visiting the villages of the area: Amades, Viki and Kampia. The nature here is quite different from the south part of the island, with oak and maple trees, pines and cherry trees. In the spring it is the best time for nature lovers to observe rare orchids and other wildflowers.

Kampia village is built on the west side of Pelinnaio mountain. It is a small villages surrounded by pine tree forests of exquisite beauty. Waters from the mountain are gathered in the area, creating a river and small waterfalls, as they reach the sea, through the beautiful Kampia gorge. At the village a small part of the old centre is preserved, but generally the houses are new.

Viki is a small village built on a narrow ridge overlooking the Aegean sea and the isle Kertis. The church village is dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin. There are also many chapels around the village.

Amades village, also surrounded by thick forest extends in two parts the upper and lower zone. Yoy can discover impressive old watermills around the village, build by the inhabitans who used the power of the water in the area.

Don’t miss…

A hike in Kampia Gorge, a habitat for rare species of birds and flora. The area is protected by NATURA. Follow the path towrds the beach of Kampia, coming across the medieval Castle of Kampia (Oria Castle) and the chapel of Agia Paraskevi.

Visit Kampia in early June when the Cherry Feast takes place, honouring the local production of cherries.

Viki village celebrates on August 15th, holding one of the most important celebrations of the island. It lasts three days (August 14, 15 and 16). On August 15th, after mass long tables are set at the village square and visitors and locals have lunch with the traditional goat risotto. Go swimming to Keramos beach, a beach of wild beauty and lovely view to the islet Kertis.

At Amades go swimming at the beach with crystal clear waters and don’t miss the traditional panygiri of St. Kyriaki on July 7th.

Ο εντυπωσιακό πύργος του Πιτιούς


Pityos is a village at north East Chios with medieval elements. It is known for the impressive renovated Medieval tower, known as the Tower of Pityos. It is also a site conneted to the Homeric tradition of the island. The people of the village have traditionally worked in farmong and livestock. 

Don’t miss…

At Pityos you can admire the stone built central square, and the narrow arced alleys. You can enjoy some of the traditional dishes of local cuisisne, such as hand made pasta and kopanistopitakia.

Οι Κηπουρίες είναι χωρίο της Βόρειας Χίου, γνωστό για την υπέροχη πέτρινη πλατεία του.

Kipouries - Fyta - Spartounta

These small mountain villages are built on Pelinnaio mountain, the highest mountain of Chios island, with a peak at 1.297 m. Kipouries is known for the large stone plaza with plane trees. Fyta and Spartounta are known for a tradition in livestock which the few inhabitants still keep.

Don’t miss…

Eating out at a traditional tavern in Kipouries

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