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Kato Fana

Beach in South Chios
 Τα Κάτω Φανά στην Νότια Χίο


Beach type: Sand
Depth: Shallow
Amenities: -
Access by road: Yes
Access by bus: No
Acess on foot: No
Accessible for people with special needs: No
Offroad: Yes
Natural shade: Yes
Lifeguard: No
Sea activities: No
Near restaurant: No
 Τα Κάτω Φανά στην Νότια Χίο

Kato Fana

Near Olympoi village is the Archaeological site and beach of Kato Fana. The bay was used in ancient years as a safe harbour. The area was named after the temple dedicated to Fanaios Apollon, which is also in the area.

Archaeological evidence from the temple dates back to the 6th century B.C.

The Kato Fana beach is very beautiful. It is made of sand, and is ideal for swimming and fishing.

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