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Beach in North Chios
Τα Αγιάσματα παραλία της Βόρειας Χίου


Beach type: Large Pebbles
Depth: Deep
Amenities: -
Access by road: Yes
Access by bus: No
Access on foot: No
Accessible for people with special needs: No
Offroad: No
Natural shade: No
Lifeguard: No
Sea activities: No
Near restaurant: Yes
Τα Αγιάσματα παραλία της Βόρειας Χίου


Heading north at a distance of 55 km from Chios town and 15 km from Volissos, you will find Agiasmata. It is not only a beach, but the name of the whole area, where hot thermal springs reaching 70ο degrees C are also found!

Agiasmata beach has a rare wild beauty. Nearby villages of Keramos, Egrigoros and Leptopoda are amphitheatrically built in pine forests at the mountain side. Although it is a long drive to get there, the visitor will be rewarded because of the beauty of the nature of the area.

The beach is open to north winds, creating large waves. The trail to the beach is beautiful all year long. The area has a long rich history, that captivates the imagination of travellers who like to delve into the stories of the places they visit.

From 1948 to 1954 antimony mines used to operate in the area. The relics of the old mines are still visible on the mountain sides, as well as the infrastructure near the seaside.

In the summer months, the thermal baths that belong to the Municipality of Chios operate. You will also find rooms to let, a seaside restaurant with local dishes and a small kafeneio which serves ouzo, souma and local Ariousios wine!

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