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August 15th on Chios Island, Greece Featured

On August 15th, Greek Orthodox Church celebrates the Virgin’s Dormition. The Feast of Dormition is also known as “the summer’s Easter”, signifying the importance of the feast and the holiday. At the peak of the summer holidays, this celebration is an opportunity for families and friends to come together and for visitors of the island to experience traditional events and local dishes at the “panigiria” that take place at the villages. At the same time, during August, a lot of cultural events take place, offering many options for fun and entertainment.  

What to do on Chios island, on August 15th?

Viki village

One of the greatest traditional events of August 15ht takes place at Viki village. At the small village on Pelinaio Mountain of Chios, locals and visitors gathr together for the great celebration. The panigiri lasts for three nights. On August 15th, aster mass, local offer traditional goat risotto, a delicious traditional dish of Chios. The panigiri of Viki is one of the most authentic events of the island, and not to be missed if you are in the area.

Pyrgi village

In south Chios at the Mastiha villages area, also known as mastichochoria, the most important celebration takes place at Pyrgi village. Instagram’s favourite Greek village, with the traditional black and white decorative facades at the buildings hosts a three-day-panigiri and one of the most popular on Chios. If you visit it, you will have the chance to dance the local traditional dance, named after the village: “Pyrgousikos” is fast, fun and twirling, a celebration of joy and good life.

Volissos and the villages of Amani

The area of Amani in northwest Chios is full of life in August. The small villages fo the area, as well as the capital, Volissos village, welcome the locals who live abroad and the visitors. The squares of the villages are full of people every day, as well as the popular beaches of the area. Organized events and spontaneous gatherings, take place daily and large tables with members of extended families and friends are set at the local restaurants and taverns of the villages.  On August 15th , there is a panirigi at Pispilounta village, only 15 minutes drive from Volissos, which is not to be missed.

Dancing all night long

Other villages that organize panigiri on Chios island on August 15th: Kallimasia (15/8), Nenita (15/8), Chalkeios, Pityos (14 & 15/8), Kardamyla (14/8), Agios Georgios Sykousis (15/8), Katarraktis (15/8, at noon), Lagada (14/8).

If you are looking for something different, this year’s August 15th coincides with August full moon.

Full moon at the Museum

In celebration of August full moon, like every year, the following archaeological sites will be open to visitors:

The sites will be open with free admission from 21:00 to 01:00.

Hiking under the light of August full moon

Chios Hiking” organize a hiking excursion under the full moon light on August 15th 2019.  The trail is 6,5 km long and of medium difficulty. Estimated time of the hike is 2,5 – 3 hours. However, it is not a hike for beginners, because it takes place at night. The hike begins at Nenita village, where the participants will walk towards the seaside and then towards Katarraktis village. There will be a bus transfer. The cost is 8 euros per person and 6 euros for members.

For more information and details on the excursion, contact Mrs Liana Vafeiadou – Papanikolaou from Thursday 8/8 to Wednesday 14/8 on 6978124812

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