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Wine experiences in Northern Chios Featured

Wine is a famous and remarkable Chios product since the ancient times. According to the Chian historian Theopompos, Oenopion, the son of God Dionysus, taught the people of Chios how to plant and cultivate vineyards and how to produce wine. The high quality wine produced here in the ancient times was known as “Ariousios Oenos”. The ships would transport and trade it in amphorae all over the known world. It was also famous during the roman and byzantine times.


Recently the production of local wine has been revived, thanks to investments in wine, especially in northern Chios. The local wineries have managed to produce high quality wines and they offer the possibility for a tour in their premises. The visitors can visit the production and storage area, watch audiovisual material on local history and wine production, taste the wines and buy the bottles of their preference.

Tip: On your next visit to Chios add Northern Chios to your schedule in order to visit a winery and learn the secrets of production and bottling. The wineries that offer this possibility are ARIOUSIOS and KTIMA KEFALA. .

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