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Chios island’s aromatic herbs Featured

This time of the year the countryside of Chios island is full of wonderful aromatic herbs with incomparable aroma: fresh oregano, aromatic thyme, rosemary, lemon verbena, sage, fragrant lavender and hypericum with its healing properties. The dry and mild Mediterranean climate, combined with the Aegean Sea breeze, is extremely favorable for these plant species, allowing them to grow especially rich in aromas and essential oils. Chios island presents a great variety in endemic species of aromatic plants and herbs encountered in the Aegean Sea, but also in the opposite Asia Minor coast.

Combine your walk in the countryside, or your visit at the beach with collecting aromatic herbs, like fresh oregano and thyme you can later use in cooking for incomparable aroma in your dishes. Collect herbs like sage and chamomile, dry them up and keep them to prepare beverages beneficial for your health. Of course, collecting herbs in the countryside always needs caution, so that you can recognize the right species and go for them.

And if this collection and drying process or even producing essential oils from herbs seems complicated to some people, in recent years, the production of organic aromatic herbs and essential oils has become standardized in Chios island. You can find these products either in grocery shops, e-shops with local products or in tourist shops all over the island. Because of their especially rich aroma, Chios herbs are much in demand for the production of cosmetics and pharmaceutical products.

The simplest and most beneficial thing we can all do is breathe deeply the summer sea breeze that brings along all the herbal aromas. Just take in a deep and relaxing breathe of sea air and let this “intoxicating” aroma conquer your body!

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