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The isle of Chios casts the spotlight on its most famous product – Chios Natural Mastiha! (gum mastic) – through the 2nd Mastiha Festival, which kicks off in June and peaks in August. Aiming at promoting the Island’s identity and its connection to the local culture of Chios natural mastiha, cultural projects and events will take place in Chios town and Kampos as well as in the villages of Mastiha.

Events Programme

The Municipal Gallery of Chios, old mansions and alternative venues will host a series of photography exhibitions entitled “The journey”.  The exhibitions of the “Chios Photo Festival 2015” are supported by the Benaki Museum, the Photography Museum of Thessaloniki and the “Maria Tsakos” Institute under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs. For more information:

Music, theatre dance, and of course, gastronomy events related to unique local products, such as the Mastiha Fest in Elata village and the Souma Fest (traditional local spirit) in Agios Georgios Sykousis, are organised in cooperation with local cultural associations of the mastiha villages.  Don’t miss the August full moon concert – one of the Festival’s highlights – organised at the idyllic archaeological site of Emporios, in cooperation with the Festival “Axanemos – Giorgos Peirantakos”.

Furthermore the 2nd Mastiha Festival includes film screenings, exhibitions of Chios traditional products and educational activities that aim at promoting the local culture, the environment of the island and the unique mastiha villages.


Programme in pdf

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Chios Flavours Local & Traditional Products Exhibition Flyer

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