Kampos, Chios

(Photo: Tolis Flioukas)

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Windmills at Chios City

(Photo: Michail Tetteris)

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Beaches of Chios

(Photo: Michail Tetteris)

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Mastic tree

(Photo: Klairi Moustafelou)

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Pyrgi, Chios

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Traditional Dances

(Photo: Klairi Moustafelou)

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Anavatos, Chios

(Photo: Giorgos Misetzis)

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Mesta, Chios

(Photo: Klairi Moustafelou)

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  • Kampos, Chios
  • Windmills at Chios City
  • Beaches of Chios
  • Mastic tree
  • Pyrgi, Chios
  • Traditional Dances
  • Anavatos, Chios
  • Mesta, Chios

Welcome to Chios, a hidden treasure in the Aegean, waiting to be discovered. Fragrant and hospitable all year long, together with the smaller islands, Oinousses and Psara, it is a palimpsest of images and experiences.

In Chios.gr, the official online tourist guide of the Regional Unit of Chios, you will find useful information in order to organise your trip. You will also find ideas for activities and suggestions for important events that take place here.

Chios.gr is your guide to live unique moments on our islands.

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Experience Chios

A hidden treasure in the Aegean

Chios is a treasure, waiting to be found.


Chios all year round


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Chios.gr is the official tourism web site for Chios, run by the North Aegean Prefecture, where you'll find information on the main tourist destinations, beaches, as well as activities, events and much more!

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