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Thirty-one kilometers south of the town of Chios and six kilometres after Pyrgi,visitors encounter Olympoi, another medieval village of the southern part of the island. Its beautiful houses are connected to each other in a way that used to form its defensive wall. Here there is a central door (to the village) and a defensive tower, which is half preserved, and the narrow, cobbled streets that testify to the village’s medieval origin. The small church of Agia Paraskevi at the village square is worth visiting in order to admire the 18th century wood carved temple.

During the carnival season, the event of Agas takes place at the village, along with other medieval villages of the area. The villagers appoint a man who is dressed as “Agas”, a strict judge of the Ottoman era. Most visitors and villages are tried and convicted by the Agas. The trials are based on humour and performance. The “Agas” event goes back to 1830 – 1840.

Near Olympoi we may visit the developed cavern of Sykia, with its impressive decoration. The road leads to a deserted cave where the only human structures are the medieval lookout and the little church of Agia Dynami nearby.

In the opposite direction from the village we can cross, through a country road, the rich and alive rural zone of Potamoi, where the church of Zoodochos Pigi and a stone-made farming warehouse certify the seasonal habitation. We then reach the asphalt roadway of the west coast, between Limenas Meston and Elata.

A few kilometers outside the village is a beautiful beach called Kato Fana, which is sandy and ideal for swimming. Here, there are also the remains of the Temple of Phaneos Apollo which was founded the same date as the sacred temples in Delos. Archaeological findings from the temple date back to the 6th century B.C. and are exhibited at the Archaeological Museum of Chios.


Fortified Medieval Settlements: 

Pyrgi | Mesta | Olympoi | Kalamoti | Armolia | Vessa | Anavatos


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