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Chios is a destination that will satisfy all tastes, when it comes to entertainment choices. Cafes, small taverns and restaurants, bars and night clubs offer a great range of entertainment, either for those seeking to relax or those who are determined to party. 

The port is the nightlife hot spot, as the majority of cafes, bars and restaurants are gathered there. Other nightlife hot spots are Karfas, Komi, Agia Fotia, Pyrgi, Volissos, Lagada, and Kardamyla, where you can enjoy the perfect combination of entertainment with the lovely environment.

For food lovers and especially those who would like to discover local cuisine, fish taverns offering high quality dishes are to be found all over Chios. At Lagada, Katarraktis and Limnia in Volissos local fish taverns, the visitor will literally taste the sea in the dishes.

For the all nighters, the town is recommended. There are clubs at a 2 to 4 kilometre distance from the centre, which are open until early in the morning. However, a lot of the cafes at the port also work as bars that are open until late at night.


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